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Cloud Encoder Features

ACT-L3 Codec
Video in both Cloud Encoders is compressed with Streambox’s proprietary codec: Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3) optimized for efficiency and low bandwidth use, capable of high motion complex video using the new Advanced Motion Search feature.

The Cloud Encoders are both equipped with exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path technology (LDMP) for low latency adaptive bit-rate streaming over public and private networks.

LDMP automatically selects the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution over multiple IP networks, allowing delivering even through network bandwidth fluctuations and dropouts.

360 Cloud Encoder

Automated for 1-click 360 streaming, the OS X software encoder contains integrated video stitching, lens correction, and 360 camera specific presets designed for seamless live HD and 360 video streaming to Streambox Cloud.

The adaptive bitrate encoder is capable of encoding full frame rate and full resolution 1920 x1080 360 videos from 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps in real time.

VR Media Player

The StreamboxVR Software Media Player runs on Windows and OS X and is currently integrated with Oculus Rift® with forthcoming support for Microsoft HoloLens®, Google Cardboard®, Samsung Gear VR®, HTC Vive® and others.

Streambox 4K 360/3D Cloud Encoder

First featured during NAB 2016, the Streambox Cloud Encoder – 4K contains multi-camera SDI capture, integrated video stitching, lens correction, parallax correction, and 1-click 4K encoding.

The adaptive bitrate encoder is capable of encoding full resolution multi-camera 4K-SDI in 3840 x 2160 UHD or 4096 × 2160 4K Cinema DCI from 4 Mbps up to 50 Mbps in real time.

AVENIRMicro with Cloud Stitching

The Streambox AVENIRMicro™ is a lightweight mobile broadcasting and live video encoder providing enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding for HD and SD broadcasting. Combined with Cloud Stitching, the AVENIRMicro makes it easier than ever to stream live 360 footage to your personal YouTube channel.

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